Dustin Lee
Artist - Guitar, vocalist

Dustin Lee is a Wisconsin born singer, songwriter and musician who has become one of the most well known solo artists in Wisconsin. Playing music for 10+ years with a repertoire of over 1000 covers across all genres allows him to make a connection with almost any crowd. Musical influences include Eric Church (of course - he headlines that AMAZING ICONS show) as well as Tyler Childress and Tom Petty. Keep an eye out as he releases a number of new original material in 2023 and make sure to check out all upcoming ICONS performances as Dustin is a performer you won't soon forget! Fun facts: In Dustin's free time, he enjoys knitting craft Chinese kittens and collecting vintage cookbooks. He works hard to maintain his very fit physique, eating food only once per week and making nutritious meal choices such as generic, store bought waffles and (on his cheat days) rosemary stuffed pork chops.