"ICONS - The Songs and Stories of Garth - One of Music's BIGGEST ICONS":   Featured Artist Adam Lee - "Anyone that knows me, knows how big of an inspiration Garth Brooks was to me as a musician. In fact, without Garth, I probably wouldn't have learned to play guitar or sing. And, like many others, I very likely would not even be a country music fan today. So now, 25 years after Garth inspired me to buy my first guitar, I decided it was time to pay tribute to this country music legend in this really fun and unique way."  

The show is designed to capture the full essence of Garth - the energy, the story telling and of course, THE MUSIC! From the stomp your boots/singalong songs to the most soul touching ballads, the ICONS Team make sure the crowd has as much fun as they do, playing so many of those #1 hits that we all know the words to. And like all ICONS shows, there are sure to be some fun twists along the way.