Jason McNabb
Artist - Guitar, vocalist

From picking on the front porch and jamming with the family band to performing in front of thousands on a festival stage, opening for some of the biggest names in country music. Jason McNabb is a walking, talking version of the phrase “been there, done that.” Growing up in Manitoba, Canada - what he would call the “Paris” of the prairies - Jason naturally gravitated toward hard work and country music. The two wouldn’t take long to go hand in hand either. Jason started performing live in front of audiences at the age of 12 while playing drums in the family band. Not long after that (or at least not long after his first teenage heartbreak) Jason began writing songs. The emotional relief and personal gratification after that first “gem" would be the gateway to a lifelong songwriting addiction. "I write songs about real things... real life… MY life. I put it all out there and love it or hate it, it’s authentic and it’s the truth... Well, at least that's how I interpret it.” The stage performance is no different. Jason can fill the room with a fun and explosive energy during upbeat song selections, and also a raw vulnerability that will leave you hanging on every word during the seldom ballad. Jason continues to explore the depths with in himself to create new music and refuses to lie still and fight evolution. “If there ever comes a day where I wake up not wanting to grow as a musician, writer, performer or even a person, lock me up and throw away the key."--